Reflections Of A Maverick


“Yes Garrick,” replied his custom coded AI he’d been working on to mimic an old cartoon Robot Truck he had seen in historic videos.
Data Slab“Can you bring up the CSPD website for the CHIMERA Affiliate Application?”
“Yes Garrick, here you go.”

Garrick looked long and hard at the application realizing this may be the only way to save himself from a no win situation he had just landed himself in. Even Horace Sharma, his gaming buddy from work would call what happened to Garrick just screwed. 90 minutes ago Garrick or should one use the “Hero Name” he had just branded himself with: Gryphon. Well, the Gryphon had just saved a lady from a car jacking in Brisby Flats District. All of this craziness started with Daedalus Industries and the Gryphon knew he had been lucky to get away from the CSPD officer that had arrived on scene.

Hiding in an abandoned building he set his mobile data slab to ‘null mode’ and watched the room go dark. His hand instinctively fell upon the hilt of his new sword: Ashmadiel. He began a conversation in his mind.

Ashmadiel - The Gryphon's Guardian

Hey darlin’ take me to the square if you think I went to far on that punk, daisy.

You must be scared to use such grammar. You came close to taking it to far according to the rules of this society. He will likely need medicinal help to recover from those burns.

He fell back into a trash can! How’s that my fault?

You hit him with two fireballs and he tripped trying to run from the third. You did save the woman from defilement or death. However, your city-state has rules about villainous apprehension. The third fireball hit an abandoned building. What if the building had innocent lives in it? You need training and the best way is to find a mentor.

I have to wait another two years for all this Gramercy drama to fall off before I can even apply to CHIMERA! The rumble is that Mayor Zardona ain’t gonna be able to stop the FED from coming in at his end of term.

You never did find out whom was behind your shortened stay in the ’Devil’s Rock’ or why the shortened parole?

Nope, the warden just said I had friends outside. Then a guard gave me some glad rags and I was let loose.

Your former associates must be thrilled you never expounded about them, certainly.

Heck, Snitches get stitches, no way darlin’ and I ain’t gonna take a dirt nap early. Besides they have never contacted me probably to avoid any investigation into the heist that freed you a decade ago. Got a lot to atone for and, um, and make the world a better place.

Glad to hear that positive tone once more, now get back to that silver steed of yours and let’s get home. Take some time and study what can you do better next time.

Garrick nodded and swung out and back at his neck. To someone watching and unfamiliar with the sight it might look like suicide by decapitation. However, the second the edge hit his skin the whole weapon explodes into a wave of golden like mercury! Shrinking into and solidifying into a twisted wire torq with twin eagle/gryphon heads set with ruby eyes. Garrick also looked much smaller at 5’8" rather than the 6’4" he had just been. His clothing appears different and more in line with someone that works for a living. Garrick moved over two buildings to where he had stashed his truck and drove far out of his way to get home via safe routes.

The night had been so weird Garrick knowing he had just done something heroic was mind blowing.




All art by AZ_Rune Art




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