True Name: Vak’rantos Xa’straphios Alignment: Nuetral Good Gender: Male Player Name: AZ_RUNE
Race: Dragonborn Bloodline: Bronze Dragon Height: 6ft. 10in. Weight: 367 lbs.

Class(es): Eldritch Knight Level: 3rd Effective Class Level:Three

STR15+ 2N/A17+ 3
DEX11+ 0N/A11+ 0
CON18+ 0N/A18+ 4
INT13+ 0N/A13+ 1
WIS12+ 0N/A12+ 1
CHA16+ 1N/A17+ 3

BACKGROUND: The third son of the third clutch of the third mate of Noble Ancient Bronze Wyrm, Zrov’khozium. His family line traces back to Zrov’khozium mating with a dwarf when polymorphed into that form. The male Half Dwarf-Dragon became a powerful wizard and found a ritual to mate with another dragonborn of bronze lineage. As so the story has been told for thousands of years. Whether or not this is the truth is no longer something the clan debates over. First Mate families serve as leaders only after they spend time among the Second mate and Third mate families as a fostering ties to keep the clan strong. Second Mate are workers, healers, and to a smaller degree administrators among the clan. Third Mate families serve as warriors, guards, and investigative branches of the clan.
Vak’ra, showed remarkable aptitude for becoming a Paladin, however, he had the knack for sorcery though he could only memorize a few cantrips. It was that he never forgot them and seemed to not need a spellbook! It was not long before word reached the ears of the lord of the land, great Zrov’khozium, himself. He had the boy tested and after showing an aptitude for using unconventional tactics to cover the short comings of himself, or his weapon choices. Zrov’khozium decided he would be elevated to his personal guard of Eldritch Knights and trained in both Magic and Battle.
With his training nearing completion Vak’ra has been sent into the world to learn six things Zrov’khozium does not know, bring back six items of power for his hoard (they must match or exceed whatever items he keeps for himself), and finally return with six times his weight in platinum. In return he assigns three retainers to his use and they will be waiting for him at the first city beyond the border of the realm.

PERSONALITY TRAITDespite my noble elevation, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.
IDEALNoble Obligation: It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.
BONDMy loyalty to my sovereign is unwavering.
FLAWI have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures.
REATINERSEither other PC’s or NPC’s of the DM’s choosing.


CANTRIPS: Two / SPELLS: Three 1st-Level Spells
CANTRIPS: Two / SPELLS: Two 1st-Level Slots

Spell Casting Lev Acq Lev Spell Range Duration Save PPE
Thunderous Whipcrack 1 1 Directly affects the immediate area (30 feet/9 m) around the magic weaver, but can be heard up to one mile (1.6 km) away. Instant Save vs Horror Factor. 4
The invocation produces a booming clap of thunder that is so loud that it seems to make the air vibrate. A thunderclap is an excellent means of alerting or signaling allies, as well as a way of intimidating one’s enemies. As an intimidation device, it will momentarily startle and distract everyone other than the spell caster. This provides the creator of the thunder with a bonus of +5 on his initiative, +1 to strike, parry and dodge, and creates a horror factor of 8 (all characters within 30 feet/9 m must roll to save vs horror factor, except the mage who made the thunder).
Rigid Rope 2 2 Touch 4 min./Level None 4, Special
(NOTE: Physical rope, cord, or leather lacing must be used.)
Change a length of rope up to 20 ft into a rigid object. Once rigid the rope can be used like a pole, staff, bar, cudgel, shillelagh or ring, depending on the formation of the rope prior to the incantation. This can also be done to protect a length of rope or a group of knots from being broken, but it reduces the ropes flexibility as well, not making it suitable as rope in most cases. The more PPE put into the rope increases the objects rigidity to withstand bending/breaking. Rope is naturally resistant to Impact damage (½ damage from Impact type), this spell makes rope resistant to cutting, too. Resistant Factor is based on the level of the caster. RF of 4 at level 1, +1 point at levels 2, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15. Rigid Rope blunt weapons do 1D8 damage at level 1; +1 damage at levels 3, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15.
Armor of Kadavhan 1 3 Self or Other by touch 1min. /Lev. None 5
This powerful spell creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic Rope armor instantly upon the spell caster. Named after the magic rope armor of the nomadic Gosai magi, this mystic armor has a S.D.C. of 8 per level of experience. Lightning, cold and IMPACT type weapons do 1/2 damage. Magic Fire does double damage.
Blinding Flash 1 1 10 feet radius; up to 60 feet away. Instant Standard 1
This invocation creates a sudden burst of intense, white light, temporarily blinding everyone in its ten foot (3 m) radius. Victims are blinded for 1D4 melee rounds, with a penalty of -5 to strike, and -10 to parry
and dodge. The chance of falling is 1-50% per every 10 feet (3 m) traveled. The saving throw is standard, so those who successfully save vs magic are not blinded. Note: Does not affect bionic or cybernetic eyes.
Corded Bracers of Kadavhan 5 5 Self or Other by touch 2 melee/level of XP None 10
The incantation magically enchants ropes that are wrapped about the mage’s arms and increases the character’s physical strength (P.S.) to 30 and physical endurance (P.E.) to 24 (+8 to H.P.) and adds 30 S.D.C. for the duration of the magic. All movements performed during this period are done without fatigue. (Note: It takes one attack/action to wrap the ropes, then one attack to cast the spell. Sort of a short ritual, if you will.)
Slungshot 4 4 50 ft per level 4min. /Lev. Standard 5 per foot enchanted
(NOTE: Physical rope, cord, leather lacing, or even fishing line must be used.)
Will provide a mace that is used as a knockout weapon. Mage can enchant (one foot per level of experience) a length of rope. This portion of the rope glows with a faint amethyst glow. Once cast the mage is able to sling the rope causing a one foot ‘slungshot’ to break free from the length and fly at a target. Mage has a +3 to strike (no other bonuses apply, except for W.P. Targeting). If the slungshot hits the target, the target is automatically knocked out for 1d4 minutes. If the target saves vs Magic, then they are not knocked out, but STUNNED. Stunned characters lose the rest of their attacks for that round and their FIRST attack of the NEXT round. Each Slungshot slung takes one attack. But it does take one action to enchant the rope.
Magic Monkey’s Fists 4 4 20 ft per level 10 min. /Lev. Special 10+
(NOTE: This is a blend of Carpet of Adhesion and Magic Net. Does require 12 inches of PHYSICAL rope, string, fishing line, twine, or cords.)
Rope caster creates mystic cords with weighted ends composed of magic fibers which appear like the Chinese weapon, the Monkey’s Fist or an Argentinean gaucho’s tool the bola. These cords will snare 1D4 (plus 1 at levels 3, 7, 10, and 13) targets; must be within 20 ft of each other. The cords wrap around the target and pull the victim to the ground. The cords can also be used to bind the victim to a post, tree or similar object (must be within 3 feet of the victim). Normal weapons cannot cut through the magic fibers; only magic weapons, supernatural attacks and spells can affect the bolas. Even then it requires a full two melee rounds (30 seconds) to cut or blast out (a dispel magic barriers will dispel it instantly). The caster can choose to bind the upper body (arms) or lower body (legs). If the arms are bound by the magic monkey’s fists, the victim can move around freely, but cannot use arms or hands to perform any action/attack. Furthermore, any weapon that is being held at the time will be disarmed. There is a 25% chance they will fall if they are running; and Maintain Balance is reduced in half. If the feet are bound, the victim immediately falls to the ground. They cannot move until the spell ends. They are, however, able to defend themselves (-2 parry, -4 dodge, -6 to strike), and they lose all initiative for the first round they are bound. If a successful saving throw vs magic is made, that player rolls 2D6 to see how many melee rounds it will take him to pull free. Those failing to make the saving throw are stuck for the entire duration of the spell. Effective even against giants, and supernatural beings (and robots). Targets can also dodge the magic monkey’s fists by rolling a 16 or higher.
Energy Field 6 4 4 ft radius, up to 60ft distance 1 min. per level None 10
The spell creates a protective field of energy around the mage, others, or an object. The maximum area of protection is a diameter of 8 feet (2.4 m), which means it can protect a small roomful of people (about 6-8 individuals). The energy field appears as a semi-transparent wall or bubble that shimmers with a blue-white light. The field normally provides a total protection of 60 S.D.C., but is doubled at ley lines and tripled at ley line nexuses. Armor Rating is only a 4.
Vines of Veritas 7 7 up to 12 ft away 2 melee per level None 30
Using a whip or lasso of rope…
Extendable Sensory Fibers 8 8 Only limited by the length of the rope 1 min. per level None 15
NOTE: this spell requires an UNBROKEN rope, string or fiber. This strange spell allows the caster to enchant a rope to be used as a spying device. 1 min/per level, Each round can sense one specific sense at a time (Smell, Hearing, Sight, Touch, Taste) Mage can ‘crawl’ the end of the rope/string/fiber in any direction (even straight up with little or NO support).
Increase Weight 1 8 Self or up to 100ft 2 min. per level Standard 4
Befuddle 2 8 100 ft 2 min. per level Standard 6
An enchantment that temporarily causes its victim to become confused and disoriented. Concentration and reactions are impaired. Those affected are -2 to strike, parry and dodge; attacks per melee are reduced by half and all skills suffer a penalty of -20%. Each invocation affects only one person each time it is cast. A successful save vs magic means the intended victim suffers no impairment whatsoever.
Sense Traps 3 8 ? ? min. per level None 7
Multiple Images 4 8 Self 1 min. per level Special 7
A magic illusion that creates three identical images of the spell caster. Each image mimics his every movement exactly. Only piercing the false image with iron will dispel that particular one. This is a great
way to confuse, scare and distract an opponent or an angry mob. The deception also provides the mage with a bonus of +2 on initiative, +2 to dodge, and +1 to strike. Viewers may be able to see through the illusion and identify the true person, but such rolls vs magic are at a -6.
Fly 5 8 Touch 6 min. per level None 15
The spell caster can magically bestow the power of flight to an inanimate object not made of metal or plastic. He or she can then use that object to fly. This is the origin of the myths about the witch and her
broom and of flying carpets. The object must be big enough to hold onto or, preferably, large enough to sit on. If the item is small, the mage must hold on for dear life, and if his grip should give way, he will fall to
his doom. To avoid muscle strain and tragedy, it is best that the object can be comfortably sat upon. The maximum length and width of the enchanted item must not exceed six feet (1.8 m). This maximum size is
enough to accommodate two or three additional characters of human size. Note: The magic will not work if the object has any metal (or plastic) in it, including nails.
Maximum altitude is 1000 feet (305 m). Maximum speed is 35 mph (56 kmph); the object can fly or hover stationary.
Animate Object 6 8 60 ft, LoS 2 min. per level None 15
This incantation allows the spell caster to animate and control any object or objects under a total of 50 pounds (22.6 kg). The spell caster is able to mentally direct the object(s) to do just about anything: a table to walk, a broom to sweep, etc. The spell caster can cause the object to hover up to six feet (1.8 m) off the ground and move in any direction. If the object(s) is used to attack, the total number of attacks possible per melee is equal to the spell caster’s. So if four brooms are animated and the mage has four attacks per melee round, one broom can strike four times or all four can strike once each, or any combination there of. Roll to strike for each attacking object. Any dodge or parry by the object counts as a melee attack/action. No combat bonuses apply other than +1 on initiative.

The animation of objects requires the spell caster’s full attention and concentration, so no other spells can be cast or action taken as long as the character is using this magic. Consequently, if he is knocked out or killed, the spell is instantly cancelled. Likewise, if his vision is impaired/ obscured he temporarily loses control of that object(s), but can regain control if he can maneuver himself to see it again.
Invisibility: Superior 7 8 Self 3 min. per level None 20
A powerful incantation that makes the spell caster invisible to all means of detection! Infrared, ultraviolet, heat, and motion detectors, see aura, presence sense, sense magic, sense evil, and even an animal’s sense of smell cannot locate the invisible person! No footprints are made, there is little sound (prowl 84%), and the power to see the invisible will only reveal a semi-transparent, ghost-like image of the character (which gives attackers a penalty of -2 to strike)! The spell caster and anything he is wearing or carrying at the time of the invocation are turned completely invisible. Any object picked up after the character has become invisible remains visible unless tucked under his invisible garments. Likewise, any item on his person that is dropped becomes visible.

Unlike invisibility: simple, this super-cloaking magic is broken only if the character engages in combat/attacks. At that instant, he becomes completely visible. Note: The invisible character is not ethereal and cannot walk through walls; he must still use a door. The act of forcing open a door or window, picking a lock, tapping somebody, accidentally bumping somebody, or accidentally getting shot or hurt, is not considered an act of aggression or combat, so the invisibility is maintained. Invisibility: superior cannot be simultaneously combined with invisibility: simple. This spell can turn as many as two people invisible with a single casting.
Dispel Magic Barriers 8 8 100 ft Instant Standard 20
This spell negates/dispels all magic barriers of any kind, including the sorcerer’s seal, carpet of adhesion, immobilize, magic net, all types of wall spells, and similar. It does not affect wards, circles, magic rain, fog, or other weather, or Spells of Legend.
Havok 9 9 100 ft 2 rounds per level Standard 50
Creates damaging Havok! Radius of 20ft. 1D6 HP damage per melee, – 3 to Initiative, Strike and Parry; – 6 to Dodge, Roll with P/F/I and save vs. HF; Attacks and Skills are HALF; lose sense of time and direction.