Abraxas Drusus Aerihman

True Atlantean Mystic Knight of the White Rose


Real Name: Abraxas Drusus Aerihza of the true Atlantean Clan Aerihman
Age: 98
Race: True Atlantean (Human)
Rank: presumed dead
Level: 3rd

I.Q.: 19 +4% to all skills (once).
M.E.: __ __ save vs. PSI/INS
M.A.: __ __ % Trust/Intimidate
P.S.: 2+ __ M.D.
P.P.: __ __ to Strike/Parry/Dodge
P.E.: 1+ __ % vs. Coma/Death +0 vs. Poi/Mg
P.B.: __ __ % Charm/Impress
SPD: 12+ __ /yds minute
S.D.C.: 50+ 60+(tattoo) Hit Points: __
M.D.C.: By Armor or Spell Horror Factor: 12 if known as a True Atlantean
Height: 6ft 4in Weight: 230 lbs.
P.P.E.: 46(Base & Tattoos)+ 60(occ)+ 67(lvl-2-9)+ I.S.P.: 30(OCC-BASE)+ 41(lvl-2-9)+
Natural Abilities: Description.
Magic Tattoos: “Marks of Heritage,” plus four others: Chain with a Broken Link(Sup PS); Heart Encircled by Chains (Inv.); White Rose with Thorny Stem Dripping blood (healing simple); Heart with Large Wings (Fly)
Recovers P.P.E. at the rate of 10 per hour of rest or sleep and 15 if using meditation.
Additional SDC from magic tattoos has already been factored in. (See Tattoos)
Cannot be physically transformed by any means: Including but not limited to the following: metamorphosis potions and spells, the transformation ritual, vamipre transformation, petrification, turn to mist, growth/reduction spells/potions/super powers, curses, wishes, or any other form of magic or supernatural transformation spell or enchantment.
Sense Vampires: Can sense the presence of vampires and vampire intelligences within a 1000ft radius (305m), but cannot pinpoint exact source/person responsible for the sensation. Recognize vampires by appearance: 10% per level of experience.
Operate Dimensional Pyramids: All Atlanteans are seasoned dimensional travelers who know how to operate the pyramids created by stone masters for purposes of healing, communication, teleportation, and dimensional teleportation. Base skill: 30% + 5% per level [ 45% ]
Note: The average Atlantean does not know how stone magic works or how to build a pyramid.
Ley Line Powers/Abilities: Sense Ley Line – Same as Ley Line Walker.
Sense Ley Line Nexuses – Same as Ley Line Walker.
Sense Rifts – Same as Ley Line Walker.
Ley Line Phasing – Same as Ley Line Walker.
Education (Rifts WB#2, Page-16, Skills of Note): Speak/Read/Write: Atlantean 98%
Speak/Read/Write: Greek 98%
Speak/Read/Write: Trade Four / American 98%
Other Racial Bonuses: + 2 to save vs magic of ALL kinds (in addition to P.E. bonuses), + 4 to save vs horror factor.
HtH – Martial Arts: + 1, APM + 4 to Initiative
_______________ on a pulled punch (restrained)___________ on a full punch/kick_______ on a power punch/leap kick (counts as two attacks/actions.
+ __ to strike+ __ to parry; + __ to parry w/ Psi-shield+ __ to dodge + 3 to disarm; + 2 to entangle
+ __ to Dam.+ 6 to pull punch+ 1, to roll w/ punch/fall/impact+ 2 save vs Disease
+ 2, save vs ALL Magic+ 2 vs Poison+ 4, save vs Horror Factor+ 5, % vs Coma/Death
+ __ save vs PSI (12)+ _ vs Possession
UniformDress clothes for formal occasions.
Set of clothesBasic traveling clothing colored yellow with black trim
Ceremonial RobesThis is his only piece of True Atlantean wardrobe left.
Utility BeltWorn around waist
2 CanteensOne kept on his person and the other in the backpack.
BackpackWorn on back
Canteen (see above)
3 weeks of food rations
50 feet (15.2 m) of strong cord/rope
Pair of M.D.C. Hand Cuffs
4 flares
folding knife/kit (swiss army)
KnapsackSlung over a shoulder.
Blackhawk ArmorCustom Body Armor:
Head – 50 M.D.C.
Main Body – 100 M.D.C.
Legs – 50 M.D.C. each
Arms – 25 M.D.C. each
Armor is black with gold accents.
TW Enhancements (Item level 6): Invincible Armor – used to allow the armor to become environmental and regenerate 1D6 M.D.C. per melee round for 18 minutes per 30 P.P.E. or 60 I.S.P.
CloakBlack with gold trim, large to be worn over the armor. Has slits to slide the arms through to fight from.
O.C.C. Abilities: Description.
P.P.E. Channeling: This is a unique power that sometimes resembles spell casting. The character can channel and convert P.P.E. energy into other types of energy with the following effects:
Can power most, comparatively simple electronic items, simply by holding them in his hand and desiring them to function. Such items include: flashlight, radio, video camera, portable computer, language translator, electric shaver, etc. No P.P.E. cost.
Recharge most types of batteries: One small, S.D.C. energy battery per level of experience at a total cost of one P.P.E. point.
Recharge large S.D.C. battery (the equivalent of a automobile battery): 2 P.P.E. points.
Standard E-Clip (M.D. energy): 12 P.P.E.
Long E-clip (M.D. energy): 18 P.P.E.
Energy Canister or Rail Gun: 30 P.P.E.
Recharge a high-powered energy cannon with one blast (1D6x10 to 2D6x10 M.D.; two blasts if the energy beam does 6D6 to 1D4x10 M.D.): P.P.E. 30
Fire energy bolts: The mystic knight can fire 4D6 M.D. energy bolts (+ 1D6 at levels 4, 8, 12 // 6D6 M.D. – Lvl-9). 1000 feet (305 m) from hand or eyes. P.P.E. Cost: 5 points per blast. An additional 1000 feet (305 m) range can be added for the cost of 10 P.P.E.
Steal & Redirect ley line energy: The knight can prevent others from drawing on ley line energy at a particular location along that line; 5O foot (15.2 m) length per level of experience (( 450 feet (136.8 m) )).
He can also steal P.P.E. being summoned by one or more mages during a time of power (eclipse, solstice, ritual, etc.) by redirecting the flare of energy into himself instead of the person(s) who drew it out in the first place. Likewise, at the key moment of a ceremony, the Mystic Knight can steal 1D6x10% of the energy and draw it into himself. He can then use the stolen energy for his own magic. Note: In all cases, he must know who is drawing on the energy, have line of sight visual contact, and be within 200 feet (61 m). This extra energy can be held and used for 10 minutes per level of experience, after which, any energy beyond his normal P.P.E. base capacity is harmlessly released. Using his channeling and redirection abilities, he can draw upon double the usual amount of P.P.E. typically available to
practitioners of magic at ley lines and nexus points.
Impervious to Energy: The Mystic Knight is impervious to lasers, ion blasts, particle beams, plasma bolts, electricity, fire, heat and radiation. Magically created energy and ley line storms inflict half
damage. Rune weapons, holy weapons, and most magical weapons of all kinds do full damage. Likewise, ordinary swords, clubs, spears, etc., as well as bullets, arrows, Vibro-Blades, thrown
rocks, falls, punches and most kinetic based attacks, do full damage.
Masters of Combat (O.C.C. Bonuses):Bonuses are in addition to attributes & skills: + 1D6 to P.S. (2), + 1 to P.E., + 1D6+6 to Spd (12). + 1 attack per melee round, + 3 on initiative and +1 at levels 5, 10, and 15, + 3 to disarm, + 2 to entangle, + 1 to roll with punch/fall/impact, + 2 to pull punch at levels 2, 4, 6, 10, and 14, +5% to save vs coma and death, +2 to save vs disease and poison.
Ley Line Abilities: Sense Ley lines and magic energy the same as the Line Walker ability (see #1 under Line Walker abilities on page 83 of the Rifts@ RPG). Also possesses the abilities of Ley Line Phasing and Ley Line Rejuvenation the same as the Ley Line Walker.
P.P.E.: Like spell casters, the Mystic Knight has a considerable capacity to hold magical energy. Base is 2D4x10 (60) +P.E. attribute. They get an additional 2D6 per level of experience. Like spell casters, they can draw additional P.P.E. from Ley lines and nexuses, but can draw twice as much energy.
Initial Spell Knowledge: Being “Mystics,” the knight’s spell knowledge, like everything else, comes from within the character himself on an intuitive level. The character spends years pondering life, his place in it, and how magic might help him find that place in the world. Then, when he is ready to find or make his place in the world, the mystic enters into three days of fasting and meditation or virtually nonstop fighting or blood-letting. At the end of this period, he somehow knows the following spells: Magic Shield, Armor of Ithan, Aura of Death, Tongues, Energize Spell, Fists of Fury, and Power Weapon. These are part of the Mystic Knight’s permanent spell casting capabilities.
Learning New Spells: The Mystic Knight will intuitively sense when he has reached a new metaphysical plateau (new level of experience). At each new junction in life (experience level), the character will find the time to meditate on combat, revenge, his goals, and magic. At each subsequent level of experience, the character can select two spells from levels 1-6.
Psionic Powers of the Mystic Knight:See the invisible, sixth sense, resist fatigue, mind block and three of choice from the Sensitive or Physical category.
Select one additional psychic ability from the Sensitive or Physical category for each new level of experience starting at level two.
The Mystic Knight can select one ability from the Super category at level four and another at level nine.
I.S.P.: Roll 5D6+6 (30) plus the character’s M.E. number to
determine the base Inner Strength Points. The Mystic Knight is considered a major psionic, so he or she receives another 1D6+1 I.S.P. per each additional level of experience.
PSI-POWERSSee the invisible, sixth sense, resist fatigue, mind block, plus 3 of choice: sense evil, sense magic, object read
Lvl-2: Clairvoyance
Lvl-3: Telepathy
Lvl-4: Alter Aura / Lvl-4 Super: Psi-Sword
Lvl-5: Resist Hunger
Lvl-6: Presence Sense
Lvl-7: Resist Thirst
Lvl-8: See Aura
Lvl-9: Telekinesis / Lvl-9 Super: Bio-Manipulation (The Evil Eye)
FLAMING SWORD (MoH):Left WristP.P.E. to activate: 20
Duration: 15 minutes per level of experience, or until canceled.
(( 135 minutes ))
Power: This MoH (Mark of Heritage) creates a sword (In Abraxas case a large yataghan sword) that does its M.D. equivalent.
(( 4D4 M.D. ))
HEART IMPALED BY STAKE (MoH):Right WristP.P.E. to activate: 30
Duration: 1 hour per level of experience. (( 9 hours ))
Power: The character is impervious to the bite (cannot be turned into a vampire or enslaved), and mind control powers of vampires and related species of undead.
Note: Although greatly protected, the vampire can hurt and even kill the character by using a killing bite attack, the brute force of punches, claws. etc., and/or weapons.
CHAIN WITH A BROKEN LINK:Around his waistSupernatural Strength
P.P.E. to activate: 60
Duration: 5 minutes per level of experience or until canceled.
(( 45 minutes ))
Power: Instills supernatural strength which means mega-damage is inflicted from hand-to-hand attacks equal to that of supernatural creatures. Furthermore, the character’s P.S. attribute is temporarily increased by six points.
Note: The following is the damage done by a normal punch from spuernatural P.S. A power punch does double damage and counts as two attacks. See Rifts Conversion Book, page 22, for full descriptions.
P.S. 16-20 – 1D6 M.D.
P.S. 21-25 – 2D6 M.D.
P.S. 26-30 – 3D6 M.D.
P.S. 31-35 – 4D6 M.D.
P.S. 36-40 – 5D6 M.D.
P.S. 46-50 – 6D6 M.D.
HEART ENCIRCLED BY CHAINS:Chest (sternum)Invulnerability
P.P.E. to activate: 80
Duration: 10 minutes per level of experience. The user can cancel the tattoo at will. The effect of the magic continues even when the user is unconscious or mind controlled.
(( 90 minutes ))
Power: Provides 75 M.D. per level of experience. A magic aura that glows a faint light blue color, encircles the character, protecting him and everything on his body. The aura provides protection from most forms of physical attack, including mega-damage weapons, damage from explosions and falls, poison, and drugs. (( 875 M.D.C. ))
Note: The character is still vulnerable to psionics and magic attacks and can be immobilized and entangled in a variety of ways.
ROSE & THORNY STEM, DRIPPING BLOOD:Right arm (shoulder to forearm)Healing – Simple
P.P.E. to activate: 60
Duration: 1 minute per level of experience or until canceled.
(( 9 minutes ))
Range: Touch.
Power: Heal wounds equal to the spell (Rifts pg. 175)
Saving Throw: Standard, if the person resists the magic.
This powerful invocation will instantly heal minor physical wounds, such as bruises, cuts, gashes, bullet wounds, burned flesh and pulled muscles. It will not help against illness, internal damage to organs or nerves, broken bones or poisons/drugs. In the case of bullet wounds, the bullet should be removed first. If the bullet is left inside a person it will be a constant irritant causing
chronic pain; reduce the character’s P.E. attribute by one and P.P. attribute by one due to stiffness and discomfort. The heal wound magic restores 3D6 S.D.C. and 1D6 hit points.
Note: This rose and stem in done in white ink and doubles as it mark and membership into the Order of the White Rose of Mystic Knights
HEART WITH LARGE WINGS:Left arm – shoulderFlying
P.P.E. to activate: 40
Duration: 30 minutes per level of experience. The user can cancel the tattoo at will. The effect of the magic continues even when the user is unconscious or mind controlled.
(( 270 minutes / 4.5 Hrs))
Power: The character can fly at a speed of 50 mph (80 km) plus 10 mph (16 km) per level of experience. Maximum height is limited to 4000 feet (1200 m) above ground.
(( 130 mph (208 km) ))
Bonuses: + 1 to strike and dodge (when flying) at levels: 4, 8, and 12. +3 to S.D.C. damage from hand to hand attacks due to height and speed advantage.
(( +2 to str/dod – flying / + 3 to damage ))
Level One / BaseMysticSpells
Magic Shield______
Armor of Ithan______
Aura of Death5___
Energize Spell6___
Fists of Fury4Range: Self or one person by touch.
Damage: Varies with P.S.
Duration: One melee round per level of experience. (( 9 melees ))
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: 10 self or 50 to cast upon another.
This spell causes the spell caster’s dominant hand to glow with a fierce red light. The character can then punch with mega-damage power as if his or her strength were supernatural (1D6 M.D. minimum damage). However, the mage can only do normal punches, not power punches and does not get any additional attacks per melee round. Furthermore, the character cannot parry mega-damage energy attacks, but can grab and parry physical mega-damage melee weapons such as a magical sword or Vibro-Blade. The fist is encased in magical energy and releases a shower of energy sparks on impact. Note: This spell cannot be placed on Automotons, robots or other non-living things, nor the supernatural.
Power Weapon______
Level TwoMysticSpells
Aura of Power2Range: Self or one other by touch.
Duration: One minute per level of experience. (( 9 minutes ))
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: 4
The target of this spell is surrounded by a glowing, golden aura that makes them seem more experienced and imposing than they really are! Effectively makes the character seem three levels higher, 50% stronger than he or she really is and add 1D4+2 to M.A. Excellent when trying to bluff or look important. Note: This power creates the impression of power, but does not instill the character with any real increase in power whatsoever! If an opponent calls the bluff, the enchanted character may find himself in serious trouble.
Cloak of Darkness2Range: Self plus a 5 foot radius around the character.
Duration: 40 minutes
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: 6
This spell cloaks the spell caster in a field of darkness that follows him or her everywhere – the mage can see perfectly from within the darkness, but those outside the radius of magic cannot see in. At night, it renders the mage virtually invisible, but he/she can still be detected by infrared and/or heat sensors, thermo imaging optics, motion detectors and similar sensor systems. Furthermore, the aura of darkness may noticeably obscure a particular area, making it obvious to visual detection, especially in daylight or when bathed in light – the darkness cannot be dispelled by ordinary light. Consequently, this cloaking spell is ideal in darkness for hiding, escape and setting up an ambush. In combat, opponents who attack a character cloaked in darkness from any distance beyond the 5 flil.5 m area of magic) are -3 to strike, unless guided by thermo optics or similar heat based optics, and even then are -1 to strike. Those who step into the darkness for hand to hand combat will see their quarry without difficulty; no penalty unless they step outside the 5 foot (1.5 m) radius of effect.
Level ThreeMysticSpells
Light Target3Range: One target up to 10 feet (3 m) away or two by touch
Duration: Two minutes per level of the spell caster. (( 18 minutes ))
Saving Throw: Standard
P.P.E.: 6
This spell may seem quite harmless but is designed for ill intent. The glow is intended to mark the character and make him stand out in a crowd (as a thief, outsider, fool, troublemaker, enemy, or target) – it is especially effective at night. Covering oneself with other clothes, blankets, rags or armor in an attempt to obscure the glow is impossible, for it is the person, not his clothes that is affected and the aura will appear around him no matter what he wears (this magic does not work on inanimate objects). Hiding behind closed doors, in a closet or trunk, or inside a vehicle may conceal the character, provided that the radiating light can’t be seen through cracks, keyholes, windows or other openings through which light can be seen. A simple yet potentially nasty spell.
Orb of Cold3Range: Throw: 200 feet (61 m)
Duration: One melee round; 1D4 minutes for numbness.
Damage: 3D6 M.D. plus numbness penalties.
Saving Throw: Dodge; standard.
P.P.E.: 6
The caster summons a globe of magically charged ice (the size of a softball) into his hands to hurl at an enemy. The character must roll to strike, getting his usual P.P. bonus (if any) and a magical bonus of + 1 to strike – the orb disappears in one melee round (15 seconds) if it is not thrown. If the orb hits, it shatters, inflicting impact and cold damage to one target. If it misses, it is gone, unless the G.M. thinks it may hit something or somebody else. Those struck take 3D6 M.D. and must make a save vs magic or suffer from a sudden, debilitating, numbing cold. A numbed opponent loses one melee attack, is -2 on initiative, -1 to strike, parry, and dodge, and speed is reduced by 10%. These penalties are not cumulative, and last for 1D4 minutes.
Level FourMysticSpells
Ricochet Strike4___
Level FiveMysticSpells
House of Glass5___
Level SixMysticSpells
Frequency Jamming6___
Targeted Deflection6___
Level SevenMysticSpells
Mental Blast5___
Crushing Fist6___
Level EightMysticSpells
Call Lightning6___
Fire Ball6___
Level NineMysticSpells
Words of Truth6___
Breathe without Air3___

O.C.C. Skills:
Speak American (30%)
Speak one additional language (
Literate in one language of choice (15%)
Horsemanship: Knight
Horsemanship: Exotic (
Magic Lore (lo%)
Demon Lore (
Land Navigation (lo%)
Espionage: Two of choice (
Military: Two of choice (15%)
Rogue: Two of choice (
W.P. Sword
W.P. two ancient of choice: Archery & Targeting; Knives
W.P. two energy weapons of choice: Heavy & Heavy Energy
Hand to Hand: Expert*

  • Hand to Hand: Martial Arts – cost of one O.C.C. Related skill.

O.C.C. Related Skills: At first level, the character can select
six – now five – other skills, plus one additional at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and
IS. Communications: Any (5%)
Cowboy: None
Domestic: Any
Electrical: None
Espionage: Any (
Mechanical: Basic only.
Medical: First Aid only.
Military: Any (lo%)
Physical: Any
Piloting: Any
Pilot Related: Any
Rogue: Any (
Science: Math only (IS%)
Technical: Any, except Computer, (
Weapon Proficiencies: Any, including tech weapons.
Wilderness: Any


This is a re-build of my True Atlantean Cyber-Knight. I have also changed the name since the game he belonged in has ended.


Abraxas Drusus Aerihza was born to Lord Aerihza’s youngest sister. He is also his mother’s seventh child as his mother has given birth to twins on two occasions and this time it was triplets. Fond of going by the name “Dru” when among others to hide his heritage Abraxas grew up in a sheltered life among the Aerihman clan of True Atlanteans. He was trained in the sword and duty to the code of the clan. He was taught the world needed warriors and those warriors had to be willing to do what was necessary to win and rebuild the Atlantean Empire. He was taught to never betray his clan and his race.

Then when he turned 30 he was stunned to find out that is what his clan had been doing to other True Atlanteans. He found his mother sobbing in their home (located in one of the three Aerihman Clan Cities), and when he asked her what had happened she used her magic (She is a 12th level Mystic) to seal the room. Then she told him how she was used as bait to lure fellow Atlanteans to the house and while they slept a raid was conducted by the Sunaj Assassins! Only when she cam bursting into the room to defend their guests did the villians reveal themselves to be ALL tattooed Aerihman warriors! Atlanteans were behind the Sunaj attacks. Then it was made clear to her that if she ever tried to betray her clan’s secret her whole family would be “removed.”

“Dru” spent a month trying to figure out a way to investigate the issue without tipping his hand or how appalled he had becoem at his clan actions to his kinsmen. It was around 20 P.A. when Abraxas approached his clan lord about how to help the cause of the Empire. Abarxas’s family line was known for producing mystics and psychics. In a move to try and garner the support of warrior mages known as Death Knights or the Eternal Order of the Mystic Knights, Abraxas was made a squire to a Mystic Knight that took Abraxas / “Dru” and turned him into a slave, humiliated him publicly and made him fight in Atlantean Slave matches in the City of Splynn.

After 6 years of this torture he was made to go on assignments where he helps remove obstacles for the Aerihman clan, but never killing on of his own kind. However, during his time in Splynn he saw that the Sunaj Assassins frequented the city and were getting help and supplies from the Splugorth! Then another 6 years and he was assigned to breach the defenses of a walled fortress on another world. Once he had done so and open the gates the Sunaj Assassins spilled forth and wiped out everything within the compound. It was only then that he noticed other True Atlanteans living among the peaceful residents! Abraxas / “Dru” had helped the Sunaj wipe out others of his own kind, and when the deed was done they did reveal themselves as being members of the Aerihman Clan, and among them was Lord Aerihza himself!

Before he could react his mentor slammed him up against a wall in an alley,
When Abraxas looked down there was a dagger drawing a thin line of blood from his stomach.

Finally he had the eye witness proof that Atlanteans were slaughtering Atlanteans! He vowed that this clan’s sacrifice would not go in vain. He would kill his uncle if it was the last thing he did in this world! Forward, he went to Lord Aerihza and thanked him for the honor of helping as contracted. The Atlantean Lord thanked him and they left.

Then in a small castle the mentor had stashed on another world did they have a battle where they had it out all the while being watched by a Chiang-Ku Dragon, Azure Sky, and seven other onlookers. Abraxas wanted to kill his mentor for letting help slaughter his own kinsmen. Then the mentor began asking him what good would he have done if he had died today trying to slay Lord Aerihza?
How would he have learned of the Splugorth involvement without being a slave in Splynn?
Where else would he have the proof with his own eyes had his mentor not made him go deep undercover?

His mentor disarmed him and thrust a white rose into Abraxas’s now empty hand.
He spoke to his squire, “Publicly I serve the Eternal Order of the Mystic Knights, however, my true allegiance is the the Order of the White Rose,” he smiles, “Think of us as mercenaries for the good guys.”
The seven onlookers step forward from the shadows and reveal the white rose emblem in various ways to Abraxas. At this time there are only 36 of their order left after the they tried to leave the Order of the Mystic Knights and form their own. Abraxas would be number 37 if he accepted their offer to join and they had arranged for him to be given his symbol as a tattoo befitting his heritage. At this point Azure Sky takes his dragon form and walks forward. Abraxas accepts the invitation and undergoes further training on everything they have learned about the Aerihman threat.

First, they fake his death, he undergoes the tattooing process over the course of two years. During that time he continues to train and become a skilled warrior in hunting monsters and how to make attacks look like tragic accidents. It is during this time he adopts the “Dru the Black Knight” and is feared because he hires himself out to thugs for the purpose of attacking other thugs and enjoys starting turf wars to begin causing chaos among the criminal element. Then he will secretly offer his services to a town of good people and eliminate the horde of evil under two conditions: 1) they never tell anyone (which he knows will not work in the long run), 2) They provide him sanctuary/supplies/shelter in the future should he ever need their help.

Dedicated to fighting for the underdogs of the megaverse, for a price because freedom is never free. “Dru the Black Knight” roams the Pecos Empire, NGR, Federation of Magic, Splynn, Center – Phase World, Transgalactic Empire, and other world in search of jobs that will allow him to hunt the Sunaj on the side.

Abraxas Drusus Aerihman